Comparison btw MHA & DRA.

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Prajyoti Vaidya
Comparison btw MHA & DRA.

GPAT courses

Pharma courses

pharma courses

pharma courses

Hey everyone,

With the fact that b.pharm deg from india doesnt hold good in US, as a pharmacist does it affect the admission for Masters in Healthcare Administration? Also its known that MHA admission doesnt require to be a pharmacist but any grad in healthcare industry will do.

So does it mean that a b.pharm from india wont get a work permit as a pharmacist there but no such issues for MHA admission?

What about the DRA course from US? Compare both the degrees in view of job prospects in US and India.


Drug Regulatory Affairs

Dear Prajyoti Vaidya,

Drug Regulatory Affirs course is emerging feild, having good future.

Once you finish the course you can enter in Patents, Pharmacovigilance, Clincial research & Regulatory affairs.

If you have financially strong, you can go abroad for MS. (Pharmaceutical Regulatory affairs).

In india Maniapl University & JSS college of pharmacy, offering these Masters in drug regulatory affairs.

If you want abrod details, you can communicate following persons:


Thanks and Regards:

B.Pharmacy, MSc (Ph.Regulatory Affairs),
Global Regulatory Affairs,
Micro Labs Limited,
Phone.No 09740836898.



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