Clinical Research Vs Regulatory affairs

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Clinical Research Vs Regulatory affairs

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Hi! All,

I am new to pharmatutor and this is my first post.I am PhD Chemistry,i have 1.8 yrs experience as Analytical Development Chemist (R&D) in pharmaceutical.I want career transition in either clinical research or Regulatory affairs.Firstly, i want to know which is better field .Secondly,do i need to get any degree or certificate in these area if yes then which is best online course available.I dont have any past experience in these fields and most of the jobs dmands experienced persons.I will be thankful if anyone advice me.



Anonymous (not verified)
About ur query

Regulatory affairs is best than clinical because u hv done ur phd in chemisty wt adl experience dmf ctd filling r budding fields in pharma.

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rght decision

i tnk u r takng rght decision u wil get lot of oppurtunities ..but choose cmpny & job profile wisely ,,,best of luk..

Anonymous (not verified)
good to be in ADL or R&D

good to be in ADL or R&D Api,
jai k mishra

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hi shikha i m also m.phrm wid pharm.chem.
will u plz guide me .
thanks lkng 4 positive response

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regarding cr and ra division

i dont understand why do u need this transition in ur job there is global shut down in CR field and in RA u will get very less salary initially so y dont u stick to ur own filed it is free from recession as very drug need to be tested analytically.

love sharma

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As compare to clinical

As compare to clinical research DRA is best.

Anonymous (not verified)

Would any of u guys tell me, is any online course available for DRA

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hello shikha

about u r querry...........

it is better to join as a scientist at NASA. best luck....

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Ya, It will be better if stay on the same profession. Because in Clinical Research it is very tough to get good initial salary and very minimum exposure in India. I am working as CRA IN a CRO since one year now just get an one opportunity of interview after 1 year of exp. Regulatory afire also same. From your profession at least you can apply for govt. job. Best of luck

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Hi all, This is Raghu

Regulatory affairs is a very good concept, and compared to CRA, Regulatory affairs is having a bright future in India. All the companies are now starting Regulatory affairs departments. So as soon we will get high salaries in Regulatory affairs also. But if you wanna good salary from the starting stage it self you just choose CRA. Always we have to think about the future. Not for the present and as per your qualification you better to go for CRO only. Because M.Pharm graduates now a days appointing for Clinical research operations, so as go on and on you will be eligible to do the research in it.


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