Regulatory affairs or clinical research or medical writing?

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Regulatory affairs or clinical research or medical writing?

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I complted MPharm Pharmacology and had experience as scientific analyst for 1 yr. As i felt there would no career growth in drug indexing field i'm in search of an another job close to my academics and more into pharma. My queries are:

1. Among regulatory affairs, clinical research and medical writing which would be better?

2.Do i need to pursue any course that would improve my oppurtunities?

3.How would be the CTC in the above options?

Please help me in choosing a good career option.


Anonymous (not verified)

medical writing and regulatory affairs are better options presently, there is no need of doing any pg diploma in DRA as u r already from pharmacology..have patience u may get a job soon..

Abhishek Gupta

Anonymous (not verified)

Good u have completed pharmacology specialisation. Your joining in preclinical and toxicological studies and conducting Pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic experiments will be the best option in clinical research. Medical writing is also a good option. These are very vast fields.So u have to choose one.You may go to consultancy in search of a job.

Is pharmacovigilance also a good option?

Firstly thanks for the suggestions. I hear more about pharmacovigilance these days. I have done some pretty good research into it and found it would suit me. Does a course into this will help me in getting a good job?

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tremendous scope for M.Pharm

tremendous scope for M.Pharm pharmacology in pharmacovigilance..
Bigger companies hiring such professionals like Novartis, Parexel etc.

Anonymous (not verified)
i work for pharmacovigilance in banglore for a MNC
Anonymous (not verified) fresher

hi this is naveen completed m.pharm in srm univeristy with 7.1 cgp. so please let me know if any vacancies in any pharmaceutical companies.
I got 76% in ssc
I got 72.5% in intermediate
I got 655 in B.Pharmacy and
I got 7.1 cgp In M.Pharmacy
Thanking you sir

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