Career prospects of medical representative

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Career prospects of medical representative

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pharma courses

pharma courses

Hello everyone !

I completed graduation ( B.Pharm ) this year, then I did an online  course in Clinical research & pharmacovigilance. There is less opportunity for freshers in this field.

So, presently I am thinking of doing marketing in an MNC while I simultaneously search for jobs in CR.

 I want to know what are the future prospects of MR. Many of my friends have joined as  MR in MNC's & they are getting fantastic salaries( 18-19,000) + incentive every 4 months. This has really generated an interest in me to shift field to marketing.

But,  I am worried about stability in the future. I need the guidance of experienced MR to help me understand the exact scenario aftr 2 years.

Thanking you in advance,

Pradeep Bhavi   


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Anyone who has or is working as a MR can also provide their valuable suggestions.

Please it is urgent !!

Hi, Pradeep I think you are


I think you are on right track....

Let me tell you that what I learn and heard from some of my pharma-mates and friends who are currently working as Medical rep or higher positions in sales and marketing....

One of my friend, working in sanofi-aventis in Surat having basic package of 25k and additional TA, DA and other allowances which make his monthly gross to 35k and he is getting incentives almost in every 2 months and making his monthly income to around 50000 Rs. He achieve this only after 2.5 years of experience.

My other friend working as MR in Pfizer and he is reaching up to 35000 per month. {after 3 years of exp}

One of my senior earning 40000 per month by working in Bausch & Lomb...


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Thank you

Hello Aakash !
Thank you very much for your reply. Ya I agree with you regarding Marketing being the field with great opportunity to earn lot of money.
Incentives & bonuses are very attractive which is not available in any field in pharmacy. But one concern is that everyday you have to travel to meet Physicians for atleast 3-4 years until you become a area sales manager which too is not totally an office job.You are still required to be on the field.
Everyone likes to be in an office job & have stability in their career. Maybe this is the reason why people leave this job after a year or two.


Hiiii,See this is only thing


See this is only thing which you have to decide.

You want to earn more or you wants stabilized life. Because is sales even if you reach to higher positions like RSM or ZSM still you have to travel across the places to meet to doctors.

Yaar, MR is field for hard workers... only those can survive in the field who have ability to fight against new challenges and have some innovation in built or also have ability to handle pressure.

You may get stable life is production, R&D, F&D... but believe me pressure will also there for complete production batch.. or to complete research/formulation project in time..

You can judge best to yourself.. Even in CR also up & down is available. If there is no project in your CRO or company then chance may be there that you may fired from ur designation.
But I seen only one field- MR where even you not reach target company will not show you outdoors. Still you will get salary in time.{even in some production plants, they are not getting salary for 2-3 months.}


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Wow Aakash !
That was quite a good feedback. Yes, my friend also said that u will have to do a lot of hard work in this field for first 6 months.After wic the work will get a little easier & u can reap the benefits.
Are you working as Medical representative? or is it just from ur friends' experience. I have decided to wait till Jan, if still I am unable to get through into CR I will start marketing.


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I agree what you wrote, but

I agree what you wrote, but what about respect in the field and society.

MR's have no proper lifestyle, always picking bags and roaming over places, waiting for doctors and begging for sale,

Is this life we-pharmacist deserve ?

Hi Sikha & pradeep

Hi Sikha & pradeep

I worked as MR in past and right now I am in canada.

Who told that respect is not there for MR? Let me tell you that medical representatives are most respectable person in Industry.. If they will not sale medicine then what is use of doing production or R&D / F&D.

And also if we talk on managing panel of industry, how many M.pharm or Ph.D's are there ? Hardly 1 or 2.. All are from MBA and with sales and marketing background.

This may true that MR is not a career but IT IS FIRST STEP TOWARDS CAREER.
I am trying to show typical growth of MR in brief

MR can reach position of MD. THIS IS NOT TOO EASY AS IT WRITTEN, IT REQUIRES MANY YEARS TO REACH THERE--- Only requirement is continuous work and performance.

Frankly speaking yaar, those are MR in MNCs{other than Indian MNC}have his all fingures in GHEE ... :) :)

Anonymous (not verified)

Hi Aakash
Im very much satisfied with your feedback about Pavan completed Mpharm in pharmacology and looking for a job in CR past 2months but nothing is coming my way.Now planning up to take MR as my career.What will you suggest for this bro.And can i know for which company you are working for in canada??Do MR have an opportunities abroad basing the experience here in india??


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Think twice before you take

Think twice before you take MR job it requires hard work skills and tough personality i mean ability to tolerate rejection and handle pressure i am also an m pharm pharmacology but after completing my m pharm joined marketing just after my external viva if you are targeting CR then go in Mumbai stay there take a job of medical coding and wait for the vacancies in clinical research and pharmacovigilance give a walking make reference which is more important but remember for CR is also not available everywhere but MR job is available everywhere so may be you have to stay away from your hometown if you join CR also you can not predict the ups and downs in CR jobs as well. All the best for future.

Sachin (not verified)
Hi akash,

Hi akash,

Are you working as medical representative in Canada? I am a pharmacy graduate and working as MR in a French MNC from last 2 years. I am seeking carrier opportunity in Canada. Please suggest me what could be best for me?

Nikhil shrivastava (not verified)
Medical rep job

Hello akash
I have recently join the MR Job in FDC. I was formerly working as asst prof in ITM University GWalior MP my qualification is M.Pharm (Pharmacology). What is the scope of career Growth for me ?

Anonymous (not verified)
What r u doing now in canada

What r u doing now in canada sir

Anonymous (not verified)

i m also a mr...but fully agree with u just want to share a famous joke on mr......
question....... ek MR ko sabse jyada ijjat kaha milti hai...
answer ........ cigrate ki dukan, aur chay ki tapri.....
good day.....

Anonymous (not verified)
u r rt sikha

I was an mr last four month ago. Picking up bag and begging rx from doctor, begging order from chemist and stockist like a begger. Sometimes it happen that 8th pass chemist person scrolled a mr and these people say ooh sory... why sory becouse they are high class educated begger. When I was an mr I have no time to prepare for any competative xam. But now I have qualify ibps po and join in a raputed bank as a scale 1 officer.

Dilip thakkar (not verified)

Please do not join M R field, this is worst these days, MR are insulted by all including receptionist, patients , chemists and majority of the doctors, this field has lost the dignity. Top manager also use cheap language whenever target is not achieved, M R means become sophisticated beggars or mentally retired, has to tolerate everything in life.

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my view

hello friend
i m working as a medical rep from last two years in a reputed firm. i was also in same dilemma when i had decided this one as a career option. but now after two years of working my own little experiences says its all depends on you. if u really interested in selling tactics and u can bear all pressure for sales targets than go for it.. because this field can provide lots of money to u in a short span.
but frankly speaking if u have recently completed ur education and if have no much burden and reponsibilities than must try for other sectors as u can enter in to it till 28-31. there is a continuous pressure of targets, social dignity issues,follow up of counters, availabilty,stokist and chemist issue, analytical and reports works, un proper lifestyle, no much time for family,and much more challanging situation rounding always around u.yes it provide base for future growth like abm, zbm, rsm ,whatever but more u go up more they expect from u.. and if u fail u will see the actual business culture and actual relations....
any way it all depends on u whatever u like. but i will suggest if u have time and no burden than go for any other sector...........

alpesh rupareliya (not verified)

I am confusion in mr and production.

Samridhi (not verified)
Hey pradeep is it possible to

Hey pradeep is it possible to become an mr for a prsn having engneering degree. My parents suggested a boy for marriage plz reply so that i can analyze him

Career. As MR

Dear Akaash.

Going through all the feedback by my colleagues. I wish to spread more light in this issue.
1 .This is the place were you can work with self reliance. here only performance survives not buttering or all. If you perform you can held your head high . as you always carry job offers in your pocket.
2.Perks and rewards and recognition are best. Apart from monetary performers are given foreign trips.
3. Performers in sales are absorbed to office jobs such as Brand Management etc.
4. The biggest advantage is you can good perks in your home town. Nothing of that short is possible in R&D
5 Everyday changing scenarion rocks
6 In this job you can work on multiple aspects business and job
7 After sales exp with MBA you have good chances for Academics too.

1.Bit of social dignity issue is there , but money can compensate it.
2. It a tough job with freedom but strict restriction and the end of every month. Unless you become old employee of the organization.
3. If you wish to join then join southern or western India as working atmosphere there is cool no unethical pressure.
Tough states are UP MP BIHAR DELHI.
4 Prior analysis is must bcoz in any case if you had to quit a MNC in short span then it becomes difficult to clear the interview because you fail to justify the reason of leaving a MNC
5. Physical fitness is must and mandatory.
6 No fixed working hour.
7 Dont be in the Myth that That MNC have Good working Culture, Bcoz this doesn't apply for field job. Till MR only performance gives you environment
8 But working at MNC enhances your overall personality that you can use to get promoted to higher designation is Mid class company.
9 But in MNC promotion are not quick as compared to Indian house

At last for you information Mithun Chakarworthy(FILM STAR) was a Medical Rep at the beginning of his carreer.

Brief About My Self
Worked at Indian MNC FDC Ltd
Worket at Merck Ltd
Today Brand Manager

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Thank you

hello Satya !
Thank you for your concern & taking out time for such an elaborate description on the pros nd cons of being a Medical representative.
Your insight of this field is very helpful for aspirants like me and several freshers. As you mentioned you have worked in couple of companies both MNC's, how many years did you have to work to become a brand manager ?
People say that the art of selling is in-born and you cannot develop that skill. Do you agree with that? What is your advice to freshers like me who want to excel in this field & reach high position within marketing?

Thanking you in advance,

Pradeep Bhavi

Career As Medical Representative

Hello Dear Pradeep,
Pharma selling is totally a different segment as compared to MLM or FMCG or OTC products.
Here if its needed then only sold.
In pharma selling we dont approach the end customer, it the doctor whom we convey the benefits if its required by the patients then only it will be prescribed.
whereas in FMCG FMHG OTC cosmetics all you generate the need at the customer's point.hence much selling apptitude and skills are required.

Whereas is pharma selling its the right communication and convey of message with persuasion and convincing skill scan do wonders. here we talk on grounds.

I dont deny the fact that few skill are in born but,we all have 90% of the skills the thing is tha we dont use unless the things get critical,

Ex, Shiv Khera worked in policy selling and he was sacked for being poorest performer.
Then he realized that today onwards his family is going to starve, if he didnt sold, the day changed his life. he broke all records of sale, and today he is guest speaker to those companies for sale which sacked him and said u r not made for this job, go back and was the cars on street.

So friend where there is a will there is a way.

Pharma companies train you for it. Just don't loose patient skills are automatically acquired just be open to them.

You can start you career directly in brand management form a small company but the one with sales experience behind does better bcoz he understand's the pulse better.

As in my personal career i have trained hundreds of batches for MR i have seen pharma candidates doing wonders, many returned after the frustration of production jobs were jobless brought them to this field today they are performers.

Just develop your skills accordingly to enter in brand Management and Marketing.
Wish you a great career ahead just take a leap

For Any Assistance/Advice
Can write at
MOB: 9450274101

Anonymous (not verified)
B.Pharm Fresher, Want to Join MNC as MR

Hello I am a B.Pharm pass out. Earlier when I joined B.Pharm 1st year I was all set to join Production but when I cane to know that in spite of working 8-10hrs they only pay 8-10k. I decided to opt for MR.

I was topper of my college with an CGPA of 8.8. With good academic records and communication skills I want to trek my knowledge in MR position and I know initial period of job in MR is little difficult but still I have the patience and strength with hard believe that one day I will be at peak.

Vishnu vivek (not verified)
does it help me in my career

I am a MBA graduate (fresher) and I plan to join in a pharma company as a medical representative. Whether the experience in this field help me to grow as manager other than the pharmaceutical area? Can anyone help me?

Namrata pawar (not verified)
Bsc chemistry now pursuing diploma in pharma management

I have completed bsc chemistry currently pursuing post graduate diploma in pharma management and would like to have career for stable future beig a girl Mr is considered quite rarely plz help out for this confusion after course either Mr or R and D which is the best profession

Dinesh nandan (not verified)

Both are result oriented in R And D if u rbable to give 8 impact research paper u would perform good with able to produce novel compound then go for it or in mr your sale is your result good sale would step u ladder up

Avijit Sutradhar (not verified)
Career Selection

Hello! Everyone. I am Avijit Sutradhar from Kolkata, done my graduation in commerce. Now, trying to search for a reputated job like MR. So I am little bit confused that is there any age restrictions for doing this job or for training? Like after age of 25 or 26 years it cannot be possible to do this job or to take training as MR? Please give me suggestions I am so much confused. Is this a good career job for future ? Can I select it ? Or if anyone think that any other kind of job will be suitable for me ( commerce Student) than please give me your kind knowledge.

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Commerece Graduates in pharma marketing

@Avijit Sutradhar

As far, you are fresher graduate or post graduate, there is no such concern of age restriction but company's may not hire candidates after certain age. But as per the best of my knowledge you will get hired easily.

Pharma marketing is a good career option as it gives lucurative packages, travelling & exploring to new places etc. But it require hard & smart work, team work for continuos period of time. And also it is the best for self-motivated person.

swagat (not verified)
Don't waste your time, energy

Don't waste your time, energy as well as knowledge behind this medical rep job

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