Scope of various specializations of m pharm

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Scope of various specializations of m pharm

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pharma courses

pharma courses

I have just completed b.pharm. I want to know the scope  of different feilds in m pharm mainlypharmacuetics ,pcognosy and pharmaceutical chemistry Please help me in taking right decision.    


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hello, For M.pharm subject


For M.pharm subject matters majorly if you are intrested in the Research and Developement as your carrier. If you are intrested in the job like regulatory, Medical Advisor or such other profile subjects of M.pharm hardly matters. If you are intrested for pharmacovigilance than pharmacology should be your subject of choice. Pharmaceutics is the subject of choice if you are intrested in formulation and developement. F n D as a carrer has a good future but to enter in this feild is very tough n you have to struggle at least for 3-5 yrs especially in terms of money.But if you want to enter in F n D than only Pharmaceutics is the Option. Chemistry is also a good subject with the limitation of the chemistry subject you can enter only in the feild of chemistry like synthesis of the compound. The compitition in this feild is high because MSc Chemistry people are working with  us with less slary which causes problem for M.pharm Chemistry student.Remember PhD is must for both of this subject otherwise you will stuckup somewhere in your progress.Pharmacognosy as such is good subject and there is no such special feild for pharmacognosy. But in your projrct of M.pharm you can take any research project  like you can work on formulation of herbal which in turns open up pharmaceutics as carreir you can do the analysis work on herbal and can go in analytical feild and you can also do the pharmacology work of herbals and can enter in pharmacology feild. More intresting is that you can even do all of this as a part of your project and can keep all the option open except chemistry.

The last point is subject dont matter if you are doing your Ph.d immediately after your M.pharm becos majority of the colleges allow us to change the subject at the time of Ph.D. that means cognosy person can enter in cology for phd or in pceutics.

Hope this information is helpful to you. You can contact me again for more information.


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better to take pharmaceutical

better to take pharmaceutical analysis it have more oppurtuities than other branches. or otherwise select pharmaceutica1st preference giva to analysis

- chandu ganjikunta

Ashton (not verified)
Why analysis and is it an IT course

Many of them saying analysis but what's the scope after that in international market and bio-informatics comes under that and data analysis too

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