Career optio after B.Pharm.

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Career optio after B.Pharm.

Pharma courses

pharma courses

Hello Sir,

I have passed  B.Pharm from Mumbai University. And I am selected as a Clinical Data Analyst (Trainee) in one of the MNC. Also I am interested in clinical research. Should I go for job or further study. I am very confused what to do? please help me.

Waiting for your positive response.


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Clinical Data Analyst Job

If you are interested to enter in CR, this is a perfact opportunity which you got in begining of your career.
Growth in the field like Clinical Data Analyst is depend on your performance rather than qaulification.

It will require M.Pharm in clinical subjects like pharmacology or there are no. of CR institutes which offering so many CR courses. And mostly M.Pharm requires for those who want to enter in pre-clinical trials where as courses from CR institutes requires for Data Analysis and pharmacovigilance areas though they can even enter in Pre-clinical trials too with further studies

There are thousands of people looking for job in CR and they are jobless. Its not so that they are not talented but they have not got the chance or opportunity which is at your doorstep. Do Not prejudiced with others thoughts. Just look at the real problems in the market.
So begin with the career if you yearning to join CR.

Hello Sir, Can you give me

Hello Sir,

Can you give me detail about the CR institutes in Mumbai which offers the master degree (approved by AICTE ). 

You will hardly get

You will hardly get institutes approved by AICTE.

Because AICTE is not looking forward on CR institutes. And normally they dont have tie up with Universities.

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