what are the job oppurtunities for a guy completed Mpharmacy in pharmacology

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what are the job oppurtunities for a guy completed Mpharmacy in pharmacology

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pharma courses

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hi, -------> what are job opportunities for a guy who completed Masters of pharmacy in Pharmacology --------> can a pharmacology guy can work in a production line in a industry or not ---------> what is the pay scale


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A person who pursue his or

A person who pursue his or her masters in pharmacology are known as pharmacologist. Even if you take any other branch of pharmacy, then dont have specification as for cology.

Pharmacologist is the main professional for drug research part. And proves more robust in preclinical and clinical studies. And Pharmacologist in pharmacy is eqalized in knowledge as compare to M.D
It is regrettable to say that in the India, this nobel profession is not so known in terms of respect as compare to other healthcare professions {like MBBS, MD...}

But believe me, Pharma field is in evolution phase in India. The importance of profession is increasing day by day with increase in job opportunities.

Pharmacologist can work in RnD, Pre-clinical trials, toxicological studies, and also in teaching or faculty posts.

Definitely he/she can work in the industry but not exactly in production areas and payscale is atleast 15-25k per month.

thank u very much sir

i am pretty happy and satisfied with your replies sir. i didnt even expected that i will get an answer so soon.

i still have some more questions sir, now ther are some courses like training in hplc,gc.is they are helpful for me in doing courses like that. as i am in pharmacology

with regards,


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IF you think globally, any

IF you think globally, any thing which new to you or add on some knowledge in your status then it is most imp thing.

Well, normally it is not find useful as these all instruments are handled by anlytical chemist or analysis professionals in QA/QC testings.

But also if you have extra knowledge of this field, it will useful. Because in your UG level you taught literally about these all instruments but you may not have practical exposure due to lack of facilities in institutes.

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