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61.3- Chlorophenylamide in presence of S/Iodine gives intermediate compound(X) which on treatment NaNH2 and Cl(CH2)N(CH3)2 give final product(Z). X & B is& ..
a.Chloro diphenylamine & Droperidol respectively
b.3-Chloro phenzothiazine & & Chloropromazine respectively
c.2- Chloro phenzothiazine & Chloropromazine respectively
d.Chloro phenzothiazine & Chlorprothixene respectively

62.Which of the anticonvulsant drug undergoes Knoevanagel condensation.

63.Select the true statement
(P)Caffine, a pseudo-alkaloid: Water insoluble & Gives negative standard qualitative test of true alkaloids
(Q) Caffine, a pseudo-alkaloid: Water soluble & Gives positive standard qualitative test of true alkaloids
(R)Homatropine , a pseudo-alkaloid: Ether soluble & Gives negative standard qualitative test of true alkaloids
(S)Colchicine, a pseudo-alkaloid: Not soluble in both ether & water & Gives positive standard qualitative Test of true alkaloids

a.P and R are correct
b.Q is correct
c.P and S are Correct
d.R and Q are correct

64.Ringing in ear, deafness, vertigo are signs in patients suffering from cinchonism which is side effect of
d.Cinnamic acid

65. The drug which has phenothiazine ring system with propyl piperazine side chain is
d.None of them

66.Proguanil is prepared from
a.2,4-dichlorobenzoic acid+ 2 methoxy amino pyridine
b.6 methoxyquinoline-8 carboxy hydrazine
c.Chloroaniline and cyanoguanidine
d.Guanidine and pyrimethamine

67.Pyrimethamine is assayed by
a.Non aqueous method
b.Titration with M/20 mercuric acetate
c.Gravimetric method
d.Titration with M/20 KIO3

68.An example of thermal conductivity detector is
b.Flame ionization detector
d.Electron capture detector

69.The reference standard used in ESR is
b. Diphenyl picryl hydrazyl
c.Methyl silane
d. Tstramethylsilane

70.The use of bismuth subsalicylate in diarrhea is characterized by the following
(P) The antidiarrheal effect is due to its antisecretory properties
(Q) The dose should be repeated ever 30 to 60 min. till relief is obtained
(R) Stools may turn dark with its use
(S) Has no effect on nausea and cramps associated with diarrhea

a.P, Q, R are true and S is false
b.Q, R are true and P, S are false
c.P, Q,S are true and R is false
d.P,Q,R,S are false

71.Glucose contain 4 chiral center so it can give
a.8 optical active forms
b.16 optical active forms
c.4 optical active forms
d.32 optical active forms

72.Repaglinide is characterized by which of the following
(P) It is metabolized both by Kidney and liver
(Q) It is insulin secretagouge structurally similar to sulfonylurea
(R) It is also called “poor man’s lispro”
(S) Its metabolites are active

a.P and S are correct
b.P and R are correct
c.Q and S are Correct
d.P and Q are correct

73.Which of the following statement is correct regarding a drug exhibits elimination by zero-order kinetic?
a.Biological half-life is constant
b.Both clearance and biological half-life is constant
c.Rate of elimination is constant
d.Clearance is constant

74.Polarographic maxima can be avoided by using
a.Supporting electrolyte
b.Purging with nitrogen
d.Less potential is applied across the electrode

75.Rhubarb mainly contain& .
P.Gallitanins which are condensed tannins
Q.Ellagitanins which are condensed tannins
R.Gallitanins which are Hydrolysable tannins
S.Ellagitanins which are Hydrolysable tannins

a.P, Q,S are false and R is correct
b.P, Q,S are correct and R is false
c.P, Q, are correct and S, R are false
d.All are correct


61-C 64-B 67-A 70-A 73-C
62-D 65-C 68-A 71-B 74-C
63-B 66-C 69-B 72-B 75-A

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