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16. Bacillus subtilis is used in assay of which antibiotics
(a) Penicillin (b) Cephalosporin (c) Vancomycin (d) Streptomycin

17. Which of the following titrations will always have an equivalence point at a pH > 7.00
(a) Weak acid with a weak base
(b) Strong acid with a weak base
(c) Weak acid with a strong base
(d) None of the above

18. Inadequate drying during coating of tablet leads to which coating defect
(a) Chipping (b) Lamination (c) Mottling (d) Lamination

19. Match the crude drug with its biological source
(1) Pale catechu (P) Conium naculatum
(2) Clove (Q) Cymapsistetragonoloba
(3) Gaur bean (R) Uncariagambir
(4) Hemlock (S) Syzygiumaromaticum
(a) 1-Q, 2-P, 3-S, 4-R (b) 1-Q, 2-S, 3-R, 4-P (c) 1-R, 2-S, 3-Q, 4-P (d) 1-R, 2-S, 3-P, 4-Q

20. Which of the following plot indicates the effects of antagonist on receptors
(a) Michaelis-Menten plots (b) Line weaver burk Plots (c) Displacement plots (d) Schild plots

21. All of the following statements concerning zero-order degradation are true except
(a) Its rate is independent of the concentration
(b) A plot of con Vs time gives a straight line on reactilinear paper and a slope is a rate constant
(c) Its half-life is a changing parameter
(d) Its concentration remains unchanged with respectto time

22. The liquefaction time of cocoa butter of hydrogenated vegetable oil based suppositories is
(a) 30-50 min (b) 30-40 min (c) 11-17 min (d) 3-7 min

23. Which of the following is most likely to undergo lysis
(a) A cell losing water from its cytoplasm
(b) A cell with inact, multilayer peptidoglycan cell wall
(c) A cell with disturbed pentaglycine bridges in its cell wall
(d) A cell a hydrophilic outermost layer in its cell wall

24. Match the drugs with the disease for which it is prescribed
(1) Bedaquline (P) Anitdiabetic
(2) Sitagliptin (Q) Anitiarrrhythmic
(3) Mexilitine (R) Antidipressant
(4) Paraoxitine (S) Antituberualr
(a) 1-S, 2-P, 3-Q, 4-R
(b) 1-S, 2-P, 3-Q, 4-R
(c) 1-Q, 2-P, 3-R, 4-S
(d) 1-R, 2-S, 3-P, 4-Q

25. Which micro-organism used in hairy root culture
(a) Agrobact rhiaogens (b) A. tumefaciens
(c) N. tabacum (d) Solanum chrysotrichum

26. Delayed disintegration in tablet is a result of
(a) Large force of compression (b) Small force of compression
(c) Higher amount of granule (d) Low amount of granule

27. Match drugs with their receptor that they inhibit
(1) 5HT1A agonist (P) Cisapride
(2) 5HT3 antagonist (Q) Ketanserine
(3) 5HT2A antagonist (R) Ondensetron
(4) 5HT4 agonist (S) Buspiron
(a) 1-S, 2-R, 3-Q,4-P
(b) 1-R, 2-S, 3-T, 4-P
(c) 1-Q, 2-R, 3-T, 4-Q
(d) 1-T, 2-Q, 3-P, 4-S

28. Passive immunity in new born babies is due to
(a) IgG (b) IgM (c) IgE (d) IgA

29. Upper consolute temperature and lower consolute temperature are related to
(a) CMC temp (b) Kraft Temp
(c) Cloud temp (d) Absolute temp

30. Compact size, low weight mass instrument is:
(a) EI-TOF (b) MALDI-Quadrapole (c) MALDI-TOF (d) Ion-Trap


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