Drug Inspector Question Paper 2009 -TNPSC

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81.    As per the GLP, full calibration of spectrophotometers should be done
A)    once a day    B) once a month
C)    every quarter    D) half-yearly.

82.    The closeness of the results obtained by the procedure to the true value is
A)    linearity    B)    precision
C)    accuracy    D)    sensitivity.

83.    Which of the following contains a chromophore ?
A)    Ethylene    B) Ethane
C)    Both (A) and (B)    D) None of these.

84.    The presence of which of the following groups increases fluorescence intensity ?
 A) Amino group    B) Nitro group
C) Both (A) and (B)    D) None of these.

85.    The purple colour formed in the limit test for iron is due to
A)    Ferric thioglycolate    B)    Ferrous thioglycolate
C)    Ferrous glycolate    D)    Ferric glycolate.

86. Rf value ranges from        
A)    0 to 1    B)    0 to 2
C)    2 to - 2    D)    + 1 to - 1.

87. In the limit test for arsenic the granulated zinc and HC1 help to
A)    increase the sensitivity of the test
B)    produce stable colour
C)    provide an acid medium
D)    reduce the arsenic or arsenious acid to arsine.

88.  In the limit test for sulphates, the alcohol in the Barium sulphate reagent helps to.
A)    increase the solubility    B) prevent ppt of impurities
C)    clarify the solution    D) prevent super-saturation.

89. The volume of carrier gas required to elute one half of the compound from the column is expressed as
A)    Retention tim? u    B) Revalue    
C)    R x value    D) Retention volume.

90. In IR spectrum, the functional group region is    
A)    4000 cm -1 to 900 cm -1    B) 4000 cm- 1 to 1400 cm - 1
C)    1400 cm-1 to 900 cm -1    D) 4000 cm -1 to 660 cm- 1 .

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