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61.    The organism used for the production of Dextran is
A)    Leuconostoc mesenterotds    B)    Lactobacillus bulgarium
C)    Clostridium botulinum   D)    Granulobacter botulinum

62. Mechanism of citric acid fermentation is confirmed by
A)   theory of Emde
B)   Krebs’ cycle
C)   theory of Ciusa and Briill    
D)   Bemhauer’s theory.

63.  The first pharmaceutical product to be produced by mammalian cell culture is
A)    tPA    B)    tRNA
C) tDNA   D) tG H .

64.    India is the.......country in the world to develop an indigenous Hepatitis-B vaccine.
A)    2nd    B)    3rd
C)    4th    D)    5th.

65.    Extinction E =

66.    The stationaiy phase in Thin-Layer Chromatography (TLC ) is
A)    adsorbent
B)    liquid held between glass plate and adsorbent
C)    glass plate
D)    none of these.

67.    The wave number is defined as
A)    number of waves per unit of length
B)    number of waves per unit of metre
C)    number of waves per cm
D)    number of waves per unit of width.

68.    The quality assurance personnel responsibilities does not include
A)    maintaining copies of approved study plans
B)    preparation of SOP
C)    inspection of final reports to confirm methods and procedures
D)    issue of product development plan.

69.    The constituents of Karl Fischer reagent are
A)    SO 3 , solution of iodine, anhydrous pyridine, ethanol
B)    SO 2 , solution of iodine, anhydrous pyridine, acetone
C)    SO 3 , solution of iodine, anhydrous pyridine, anhydrous methanol
D)   SO 2 , solution of Iodine, anhydrous pyridine, anhydrous methanol,

70. In electron capture detector.............may be used as a carrier gas for
compounds of high electron affinity.
A)    Nitrogen    B)   Argon
C) Hydrogen    D)   Carbon dioxide

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