Drug Inspector Question Paper 2009 -TNPSC

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31. How many representatives are nominated by the Central Government to Drug Consultative Committee ?
A)    1    B)    2
C)    3    D)    4.

32. The sample taken by the Drug Inspector from the retail premises should be divided into
A)    4 parts    B)    3 parts
C)    2 parts    D)    5 parts.

33.  As per GMP, change rooms to the aseptic areas of sterile product manufacturing area should be clearly demarcated into the following rooms, except
A)    1 Black room    B)    Blue room
C)    Grey room    D)    White room.

34.  As per GMP, during tablet compression, in-process control should be done at regular intervals of
A)    not more than 45 minutes    B)    not more than one hour
C)    not more than 30 minutes    D)    every one hour.

35. Drug ( Price Control) Order came into force in the year
A)    1979    B)    1955
C)    1960    D)    1987.

36. Equipment recommended for the manufacture of powders come under
A) Schedule H
B) Schedule M
C) Schedule N
D) Schedule X

37. Magic remedies include
A) Talismans
 B) Mantras
C) Kavachas
D) all of these.

38. Spurious drugs mean
A) imitations
B) substitutes
C)  resembling other drugs  
 D)  all of these.

39. GMP for Ayurvedic, Slddha and Unani medicines are covered by
A)    Schedule U    B)    Schedule T C)    Schedule W   D)    Schedule M

40. Protoplasmic plant tissue culture method was introduced in 1960 by
A)  Cocking  B)  Skoog & Miller
C) Gamborg and Neabors  D)    Carlson.

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