Online Applications are invited for Research Associate at Bose Institute | 09 posts

Bose Institute was set up in 1917 by Sir JC Bose, the founder of modern science in the Indian subcontinent. It is Asia's first modern research centre devoted to interdisciplinary research and bears a century old tradition of research excellence.

Bose Institute, Kolkata, invites online applications from Indian Citizens for recruitment of Research Associate (09 posts) under Institute Plan Programmes .

Programme No.–I : Plant Functional Biology of Stress Responses for Improvement
and Exploring Plant Genetic Resources
Programme No.–II : Structural Studies and Biophysical problems
Programme No.–III : Computational Biology
Programme No.–IV : Molecular Medicine
Programme No. –V : Basic and Applied Microbiology
Programme No.–VII: Basic and Applied Problems in Physical and Environmental Sciences

Essential Qualification : Ph.D. in Life Sciences / Physical Science.

Desirable Qualifications :

Research Associate for Programme No. – I
Specialization in the area of Plant Molecular Biology and Biotechnology. Experience in molecular biology techniques including gene cloning, small RNA biology, plant tissue culture and plant transformation.

Research Associate for Programme No. – I
Specialization in the area of allele mining and their utilization in marker assisted breeding for the improvement of biotic and abiotic stress tolerance in Mustard. Experience in the area of growing and maintenance of large number of mustard genotypes/lines in the field followed by robust phenotyping and genotyping by SNPS and SSRs. Discrimination of alleles based on transcription and translation data. Designing of PCR based co-dominant markers from SNP.

Research Associate for Programme No. – II
Specialization and experience in using various biophysical and molecular biology methods to understand protein structure and function. Experience on protein crystallization and various modeling software would be advantageous. OR Specialization and experience in computational biology and bioinformatics to understand structure and dynamics in proteins. Knowledge of computer programming and bioinformatics software for the analysis of protein structures is desirable.

Research Associate for Programme No. – III
Experience in Computational Chemistry / Biochemistry / Biology / Biophysics in Linux environment, which also involves programming for data analysis. E.

Research Associate for Programme No. –III
Experience in the area of Molecular Evolution and High-throughput data analysis.

Research Associate for Programme No. –IV
Specialization in the area of Immunology and signal transduction studies with the following experiences :
1. Experience in Isolation, purification, characterization of glycolipids
2. Experience in Leishmania cell culture as well as animal cell culture.
3. Immunomodulation in Visceral Leishmaniasis and Cancer.
4. Experience in the development of drug resistance strain in Leishmania and other diseases.
5. Experience in ceramide-induced signalling mechanism studies in leishmaniasis and cancer.

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