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NATIONAL CONFERENCE On Emerging Trends in Pharmaceutical, Microbiology & Medical Sciences vis-a-vis their Interventions for Sustainability of Human Health at Career Point University

About the University
Career Point University is spread over 26 acres, surrounded with lower Himalayas at Hamirpur district in the state of Himachal Pradesh. It was established in 2012 by the Himachal Pradesh Government under “Career Point Act". It is UGC approved government recognized University with the right to confer degree as per the section 2(f) & section 22(1) of the UGC Act, 1956. Career Point University's academic system works with "Student First" approach and takes all necessary actions to provide best education, training, internships, placements to the students.The academic system at University is built around experimental learning where the students are motivated to understand conceptual framework and apply them. Academic education system of the University is student centric giving students an opportunity to participate within campus or outside campus activities to enhance their knowledge and skills to understands multidisciplinary environment through practical experience. Career Point University works on "Learning beyond Classroom" concept to impart a stronger career prospective to the future leaders.

Theme of the Conference
National Conference on Emerging Trends in Pharmaceutical, Microbiology and Medical Sciences vis-a-vis their Interventions for Sustainability of Human Health (NCET-PMMS-2020)


Emerging Trends in Pharmaceutical, Microbiology & Medical Sciences vis-a-vis their Interventions for Sustainability of Human Health (NCET-PMMS-2020)

03rd- 04th April, 2020

Auditorium, Career Point University, Hamirpur

About the Conference
The National Conference on the theme "Emerging Trends in Pharmaceutical, Microbiology and Medical Sciences vis-a-vis their Interventions for Sustainability of Human Health (NCET-PMMS-2020)” is planned with the viewto update, upgrade and to boost the interdisciplinary research and the knowledge of students, scholars, academicians and other professionals involved directly or indirectly in Pharmaceutical, microbiological and medical science profession. Now a day's microbial health problems are a global challenge that should be controlled by effective scientific methods. According to World Health Organization, microbial diseases are responsible for one in every two deaths in developing countries and are the leading cause of death for children and young adults. It has been estimated that every hour, 1,500 people die from an infectious disease over half of them are children under 5 years of age. Ninety percent of deaths from infectious diseases worldwide are due to respiratory  infections, acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), diarrheal diseases, tuberculosis (TB), malaria, pneumonia, and measles. Other emerging infectious diseases and antimicrobial-resistant infections are again a big challenge among the health professionals. Some other emerging infectious diseases, including STDs, nosocomial infections, and vector-borne and zoonotic diseases are a major health concern worldwide.

Recently, the emergence of new virulent pathogens, like, Ebola virus, severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) coronavirus, West Nile virus and Zika virus has been a cause of number of mortality in both developed and developing countries. It is utmost responsibility of professionals and researchers working in pharmaceuticals, medical sciences, microbiological, biotechnological and other related disciplines to discuss the issue of global health concern and find out a better solution for health issues.The field of health and allied sciences can work together to identify the exact cause of health problem and can find out a better solution. Due to changing in the human lifestyle, food sources, availability of synthetic components in the food items, societal and environmental challenges, emergence of newer infectious diseases, microbial drug resistance human health become an utmost considerable challenge globally. Researchers from various disciplines of pharmaceutical, microbiological and health sciences can isolate and purify the bioactive principles from natural medicines can synthesize new potential drug molecules, clinical trials, isolate and characterize the microbial strain, develop pharmaceutical formulations, antibiotics and vaccines, Pharmacovigilance studies, understand the diagnosis, molecular or genomic changes in the cell, understand the diagnostic & surgical instruments requirements. Pharmaceutical, Microbiological and Medical Sciences research is the demanding and required field of research to combat the existing and the emerging health challenges.

NCEMD-2020 is planned with the objective to provide a common plate form to the professionals working in the field of pharmaceutical, microbiological and medical sciences to share the current knowledge, update the recent contributions and discuss the interventions among various disciplines of the health sciences to find out better solutions for the emerging health issues, like, infectious diseases, cancer,diabetes, gall bladder, cardiac, eye, skin, renal, hepatic, orthopedic, ENT, GIT, CNS, metabolic disorders, etc.

Who Can Participate?
Chapter 1 :
Students of under graduate and, or post graduate
Some suggested topics for oral or poster presentations related to:
• Innovative ideas related to the themeof conference
• Existing knowledge of science which can be helpful for the development of antimicrobial formulations
• Sustainability of human health and solution to control the emergenceof infectious disease
• Casestudies   
• Researchwork

Chapter 2 :
Research Scholars
Some suggested topics for oral and, or poster presentations:
• Innovative ideas related to the theme of the conference
• Casestudies   
• Researchwork

Chapter 3 :
Teachers, Scientists, Medical Practitioners and other professionals
Some suggested topics for oral and, or poster presentations:
•Innovative ideas related to thethemeoftheconference
• Casestudies   
• Researchwork
Note : The prizes will be conferred in ALL the chapters separately.

Registration Of Participants
All the participants are required to register for the Conference. Certificate of participation will be awarded to the presenting author only. Registration fee can be paid by cash/online payment method.
Account Holder Name: Chairman Conferences, Career Point University, Hamirpur
Account Number : 2993000101041956
Bank : Panjab National Bank
IFSC code : PUNB0299300

Registration Fee on or after 14th March, 2020
Student participants (Chapter 1) : *800
Research Scholars (Chapter 2) : *1400
Other Participants (Chapter 3) : *1800
Registration fee includes : Registration kit + High tea / refreshments + Certificateof Participation

Prizes* : Best posters & oral presentations will be conferred certificates and memento.
Accommodation : Participants can avail the hostel accommodation (800 for single and 400 twin sharing per day). Hotel accommodation (1200 individual and 600 twin sharing per day) can be arranged by the organizers on the request of participants.

School of Pharmaceutical & Health Sciences
Campus: Bhoranj (Tikker - Kharwarian), Hamirpur
H.O.: Career Point, CP Tower, 4,h Floor, IPIA, Road No-1, Kota (Raj.)
Ph: 01972-269702, 96253-80006, 96253-80007


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