what to opt for after B.Pharm,

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what to opt for after B.Pharm,

Pharma courses

pharma courses

Respected sir,

i have deep interest in AIDS research, what shall i opt after B.Pharm, i have secured 73% from Krupanidhi college of Pharmacy. Also tell me following things:

  • How to prepare for Gpat
  • whats the scope of Jobs in research after M.Pharm/Pharma D in India
  • How can i improve my profile to match the needs of pharmaceutical industry.

Sir your website has helped me a lot and i sincerely think you will help me this time again.

Thanking you

Madhurima Joshi

Your Student from Bangalore



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AIDS Research



Minimum qualification required to join any research program is masters. Though you can also apply on the basis of your bachelor degree [B.Pharm], but chances of later progress are minimized.

There is AIDS research institute in Pune. Huge scale of AIDS research is going on in this institute. Even you can apply forthwith for project in this Giant.. visit, http://www.pharmatutor.org/projects/national-aids-research-institute-pharmacy

  • GPAT syllabus is somewhat lengthy then GATE-PY but it is easier to crack GPAT. Refer some good healthier books in terms of knowledge. Refer MCQs... so you will get a clear idea on question type..
    • Dont think that paper setter will ask some hard questions...questions will be easier but they demand some simple basic knowledge to answer them. So go for books which provide basic info.

  • For Research: As the India concerened, It will difficult to get chance on the basis of Pharm.D as per todays scenario. But for masters in pharmacy [M.Pharm] you can find plunty of vacancies with attractive salaries.
    • Even growth is exorbitant, too.
    • Find more research vacancies by clicking on term...R&D

  • Yes, it is required to have an updated profile as per need of our pharma profession. Go for some part time courses in DRA, IPR, CRO etc... Some other computer related courses like SAS, SAP are also open doors in other sectors for amateur .

And we always welcome you for any other query or information in this forum.

 Only getting good percentage

 Only getting good percentage in academics is not enough to make your career in research. But Cognition of subject is more required in this manner.

You have to be globalized if you want to go for AIDS research. There are so many industries are available in the world. India is rich in HIV patient, but rate of research is quite low. In some places like south Africa, US higher rate of HIV research is going on

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M.Pharm peoples are most

M.Pharm peoples are most welcomed by industry for job in research... In pharma industry highest money is spend in research areas... So you can imagine the scope.


its not about the scope in pharma industry,u will realize when u join a pharma industry.what a life is there,so plz choose correct path

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