"A 'compounder' wheather a b.pharm/m.pharm/Pharm D. never became a doctor"-by Dr.Sushma anil,a member of QPMPA

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Educated Docter

Yes, u are right. Now I feel u r talking like educated person. But also keep one thing in ur mind, that u r in fear and dont want to be the part of the race.I thing every body same on u incliding ur parents.


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Great rush for Pharm-D

There is a great rush for Pharm-D (Doctor of Pharmacy) course in India.1st batch Post Bacularate come out this year (few in number)after spending 7 full yrs in the field and holding a professional doctorate degree, regaring them a medical professional says its a mere degree or mere profession, really it is a great shame to all our nation. Let Pharm-D graduates come out in India within few years our medical system will change. Now itself there is lot chances for clinical pharmacist.

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our course is in danger no

our course is in danger no body respect pharmacist and this is only because of pci we want the rights of writing prescription only then we will be treated by respect

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Ignorant physician

This is due to lack of knowledge.some of the dutied of clinical pharmacy specialists are follows.
1. Patient medication history interview
2. Medication order review
3. Patient counseling regarding safe and rational use of drug
4. Adverse drug reaction monitoring
5. Drug interaction monitoring
6. Therapeutic drug monitoring
7. Participating in ward rounds
8. Providing drug information at the drug information and poison information centre.
Actually it is the duty of physician to diagnoze the decease and the pharmacist to prescribe medicines.

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It is the high time to rise up all Pharmacist in India.

It is the high time to unite all licensed pharmacist in India to fight for their right to get prescribe medicines to the patient like all developed counties following. And prove the medication and prescription errors which our medical doctors committing to the health system and unnecessary trials and test by giving many drugs to the patient body without knowing the actions and reactions. It is better to march forward to PCI and to the parliament to upgrade the pharmacy practice in health care system to modify our health practice according to the standard of World Health Organization (WHO). This is the only way we can save our country from the present very dangerous situation and ego deceased business minded medical practioners who really killing many innocents without knowing the human value.
Pharmacist Rock ………………..

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ha ha ha ha ha i am not able

ha ha ha ha ha i am not able to stop laughing on Dr. Sushma anil
we r having that much potential that we can be a researcher inventors of any medicine on which these fool dr. is feeding on. unless an until the manufactured and tested medicine wont get available u cant treat a single patient, mind it dr. sushma anil

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"A 'compounder' wheather a b.pharm/m.pharm/Pharm D. never became

ha ha ha ha ha i am not able to stop laughing on Dr. Sushma anil
we r having that much potential that we can be a researcher inventors of any medicine on which these fool dr. is feeding on. unless an until the manufactured and tested medicine wont get available u cant treat a single patient, mind it dr. sushma anil
and anyways the medicine which we manufacture that only cure patients illness not ur treatment okkkkkkkkkkkk

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Role of Doctor

Doctor is only responsible for diagnosis of disease. But in India they think they are the only person who is health professional. But it is very true that a Pharmasist have far better knowledge as compared to Doctors about medicine. Doctor community should have to understand their role. They have to understand that if they interfare with the duty of other health professional then they would be just JHOLA CHHAP. They are not only interfaring with the duty of Pharmasist but they also suggest about exercise to patient. They should have to know that this is the work of a physiotherapist.

I think Dr. prefix should be only used by researcher (Ph.D)
And rest of peapole should have to write their degree after their name.
Hopefully the coming days will bring sunrise and each and every health professional understand their duty for betterment of health of society.

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Just learn the meaning before say something

Sushma Anil, please take a dictionary or go through internet and check the meaning of compounder, pharmacist, clinical pharmacist,hospital pharmacis,Pharmacutical chemistry and other terms in connection with pharmacy profession.Really I wondering and laughing on your degree. How you got MBBS degree without having any general knowledge in this 21st centuary.I think you never come through a medical entrance exam.even I doubt your degree is not genuine when comparing your knowledge.
It is showing your nothingness that, regarding a doctoral degree progamme you says its mere compounder.Its a shame on our entire nation and the universities who offer such degrees after a long time hardship to bring this course to India to redeem our nation from you type of killers.What you can do in your hospital without medicine.Can you show ur talent without the support of so called compounders who prepare all these medicine.Better you take back such abusing words and say sorry to the entire pharmacy professionals. If you are a medical professional just see the sylabus of pharmD then you will understand MBBS is nothing. Moreover PharmD is not an intermediator in between physician and patient, if you say so you do not know the duty of a medical practioner.

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Dear DOC sushma, as Mr. alok Gupta states Pharmaphobia.

I don't know whether you know the position/ job profile of pharmacists in western countries. We are developing like any thing in this competitive world and PCI is trying to get our countries standards to meet global requirements. as you told there was one time where D.pharm holders were compounding the medicines as per doc's guidance and dispense to patients. Now a days docs knowledge regarding medicine, advantages , benefits are provide only by pharmacists/ pharma-professionals, and has better knowledge to prescribe drug, interprit drug reactions, prepare molecule as per requirement and can compete with medical professionals.
Dr.remember time in not so far to become this dream true.

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Its the perfect word to

Its the perfect word to explain pharmacy profession to those who are getting feared and they are of course, medical practitioners.

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Great wonder

Sushma Anil, why are you boathering about others doctorate and their profession. Who are you to evaluate ones qualification and assign their duty. Really you are having some disorders which need conselling or medication in urgent basis. Concentrate in your profession and be skilled, then no need any fear from pharma graduates whether they compounders or doctors.

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Doctor level degrees in India

Sushma Anil
See Doctor level degrees in India for knowledge sake and clear your doubts.
In India doctorate level degrees are offered by the universities or institutions of national level importance deemed to be universities. Entry requirements for doctorate degrees by most of the universities include good academic background at masters level(post graduate degree). Some universities also consider undergraduate degrees in professional areas such as engineering, medicine or law for entrance to doctorate level degrees. Entrance examinations are held for almost all the universities for admission to doctoral level degrees. The duration of the coursework and thesis for award of the degree is (In most north Indian universities the minimum required time to submit your theses after registration is 2 academic years and in most of the universities in south India its 3 years after PhD registration .
. The most commonly awarded doctoral level degree in india is Ph.D. There are some other doctoral level degrees such as DBA ( Doctorate of Business Administration), DIT ( Doctorate of Information Technology), LLD (Doctorate in Laws) and D.Sc (Doctorate in Science). Some of the institutions of the national level importance such as Indian Institute of Management[41] call their doctoral level programmes as fellow programme. Recently Pharmacy Council of India has permitted few colleges for Pharm D course (Doctorate in Pharmacy).
Allopathic Physician Medicinae Doctor and Doctor of Medicine (M.D.)

Osteopathic Physician Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.)
Chiropractor Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.)

Dentist Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S) and Doctor of Dental Medicine (D.M.D.)
Occupational Therapy Doctor of Occupational Therapy (O.T.D.)

Physical Therapy Doctor of Physical Therapy (D.P.T)

Podiatrist Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (D.P.M.)

Pharmacist Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD),(PD),(DrPh)and(DPh)

Government Doctor of Public Administration (D.P.A.)

Veterinarian Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (D.V.M.) and Veterinariae Medicinae Doctoris (V.M.D.)
Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Doctor of Nursing Practice or Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice (DNP or DNAP)
Optometrist Doctor of Optometry (O.D.)

Audiologist Doctor of Audiology (Au.D.)
Attorney Juris Doctor and Doctor of Jurisprudence (J.D.)
Physician Assistant Doctor of Science Physician Assistant (DScPA)
Health Science Doctor of Health Science (D.H.Sc.)

Public Health Doctor of Public Health (Dr.PH.)

Minister/Clergy Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.), Doctor of Practical Theology (D.P.T. or D.Th.P.) or Doctor of Biblical Studies (D.B.S)

Psychologist Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.)

Law and Policy Doctor of Law and Policy (L.P.D.)

College Teaching Doctor of Arts (D.Arts/D.A.)
Management Doctor of Management (D.Mgt.)
Management Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership (DM)
Management Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership/Information Systems Technology (DM/IST)

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patient health is of prime importance

Regarding comment of Dr. SA, I would simply ask her a question.
Did she know about ADR reporting in India?
Imagine tons of drugs prescribed in India by such doctors like SA, How interesting that none of the patient get adverse reaction in India, Please check Dr SA !!
"Poor health care system in India" says several websites, research articles in clinical magazines and journals, media reports, documentaries etc. Even World Health organization (WHO) says Poor Adverse Reaction reporting in India. Is it not a serious issue to Indian doctors and ultimately to Indian govt?

The root cause of such situation lies in Indian health care system. Here, doctors pay little attention to drug interactions while writing prescription. Often they did not know the role of drug pharmacokinetics and even pharmacodynamics, dose regimes with these ADR.

Govt. was made fooled by these doctors like Dr SA by making lobby at higher seats of govt, influencing health care regulations in their interests and dominating over pharmacy profession and playing with health of millions. How the rest of world tackle with it, simply they have competent professional called clinical pharmacist who minimizes these ADRs and assess risk benefit ratio of drug.
That why govt introduced a new course called Pharm D. to meets global standard in health care system of India. Central Govt. empowered PCI to frame its regulation in consultation to various international bodies, which is notified in Indian Gazette.
At last, I must say we should pay respect to doctors since they leaned and have expertise in diagnosis of diseases, but if they tried to pretend expertise in drug, drug usage, health care system will no longer survive and died.
I think these facts must clarify the stand of Dr Sushma Anil.
Pay respect to Pharmacist with no ill-will.

Dr A. Kumar

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Dr. Sushma anil, U really

Dr. Sushma anil, U really need a good treatment in mental hospital....and i think u got ur degree on the basis of donation bcz u dont have any knowledge about medicine.....give respect to other profession also.....do u know the difference between compounder and pharmacist?????? First get some knowledge of ur own profession......

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Pharm D/M pharma/B pharma and D Pharma

Dr sushma anil...........as far as my opinion is concerned i can say only one thing that
how dare you to write such a bull shit regarding us on pharma tutor.......


Dont get panic or fear we

Dont get panic or fear we will leave ur space for you.
We pharmacists r not too greedy as u r occupying others space. got it?
I wonder how u r still alive wen u r a dr who did ur mbbs wen compounder course was thought!!!!!
for ur info years passed away come out of ur clinc and understand wats happening in the world
And in ur next association meeting dont say that ur chief minister is just a small king and so he has to pay tax, be a slave to British government.OK?
After u graduated great evolution has happened in pharma so read newpapers daily(not the same newspaper which says Gandhiji died)
Wen u r out of delerium,amnesia read this this may help becoz things changed after u got into mental illness
1.Punching ,moulding kind of machines replaced mortar and pestle
2.strips replaced bulk drug containers
3.lot more i can add pls msg me i will give u a better counseling to get out of ur illness

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Dr. First please mind your language "A PHARMACIST" is not a compounder, and please don't set up the professional boundaries as it is the issue of public health you too servant of public , health care is set of contribution of all,
and PHARMACIST have a unique role in the health care.
it is not a matter of superiority complex.

Asad Ali.

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pharmacist - the doctor of medicines

Doctor, as many of our people feel, is not a job description. It is a kind of courtesy calling or addressing. Doctor means a teacher or a learned person.
Allopathy medicine was introduced into our country by European merchants. It was made official system by British rulers. First health care providers on the fleet who entered India were surgeons and barbers. There were posts of surgeon, assistant surgeon and even sub-assistant surgeon as a designation in the service. When their services were extended to civil society a prefix 'civil' was added to that designation.
Surgeons hold a 'master diploma in surgery' and physicians a degree of 'doctor of medicine' from a university. So, surgeons were called 'master' and physicians as 'doctor'. Physicians were of higher status than surgeons in social order. Scottish universities took a lead to reform the medical education and introduced MB,BS course at under graduate level. These pass-outs also continued to use doctor prefix before their names. Apothecary or pharmacy was part and parcel of a physician's job. A physician was a medical practitioner - pharmacist duo. Pharmacy was separated as a specialization with overlapping of practice areas. Pharmacy degrees were also started in due course. As a natural justice, pharmacists are also eligible to adorn their names with a 'doctor' prefix. Since, pharmacy became a behind - the - bench profession, in order to avoid jealousy of physicians, they restrained themselves using the title 'doctor'. Parallel to universities, professional guilds of surgeons, physicians and apothecaries also used to confer their own diplomas such as MRCS/FRCS,MRCP/FRCP & LSA.
In India, during colonial rule, drugs were imported from west. Compounders were a creed developed here to mix & dispense the medications. In 1930s, Drugs Enquiry Committee suggested the introduction of pharmacists in handling the drugs. In 1940, Drugs Act was enacted. In 1948, Pharmacy Act was passed. But, it was in 1970s and 1980s, the presence of pharmacists was made mandatory in hospital and community pharmacies respectively. But, the spirit is being diluted by the authorities in the system which is mainly under the control medical graduates. Pharmacists are the drug specialists who know the source, procedure, chemistry, pharmacology, therapeutics and jurisprudence; apart from anatomy, physiology, pathology, bio-chemistry and many more. However, pharmacists are facing the on-slaughter of physicians every day. Physicians are not taught to respect professional colleagues such as pharmacists in a health care team. Drugs are vital for medical practice. Physicians have been enjoying monopoly on drugs in practice settings. I understand that physicians fear about pharmacists as potential competitors to their monopoly.
Drug dispensing is thought every body's cup of coffee. But, countries such as Australia have regulations barring the physicians not to dispense the drugs on their own. Hope the Indians physicians would adhere to the world norms. Dr.Rapolu Satyanarayana, Hospital & Clinical Pharmacist

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Doctor is not an occupational title

Though medical practitioner is a professional, doctor is not name of that profession. It is a courtesy calling. Apart from doctorates, allopathic medical practitioners, pharmacists, dentists, physical therapists, medical practitioners of other systems, unregistered medical practitioners are also using the prefix 'Dr' before their names. In India, basic medical practitioners are under-graduates; not doctorates. Medical practitioners have to accept this bare reality. Government should use the occupational titles in a scientific way. Census authorities, national sample survey organisation, tax authorities, government online services, banks, law enforcement authorities, health department, local bodies have to take initiative to change rationally the occupational titles in health care professions. - Dr.Rapolu Satyanarayana, Coordinator, Working Group on Professional Dignity of Pharmacists

Satyanarayana Rapolu
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Differentiate the word DOCTOR appropriately


The word 'doctor' is not a patent right to physicians/ medical practitioners.  Though physicians/ medical practitioners are identified with the calling 'doctor', there must be much clarity. Apart from physicians, there are other health care professionals who use the prefix Dr. To differentiate the health care practitioners such as physicians, pharmacists or dentists, calling has to be changed appropriately as medical doctors, pharma doctors, dental doctors and so on.

Satyanarayana Rapolu
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Look towards America

Sushma Anil has a mindset of British days. Today, every body looks towards America as a model in every sector including healthcare. She too has to look there how the pharmacists play their role in clinical settings in particular and healthcare in general. 
Dr.Rapolu Satyanarayana, Pharmacist

Satyanarayana Rapolu
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RMP, Not Doctor

Bare acts of Indian Medical Council Act and other health care professionals do not contain the word 'doctor' at all. A medical practitioner registered with a state medical council, a pharmacist registered with a state pharmacy council, a dentist registered with a state dental council and a nurse registered with a state nursing council is known as a registered medical practitioner, a registered pharmacist, a registered dentist and a registered nurse respectively. But, some state medical councils with their bulged ego added the word 'doctor' in their records and web sites. The word 'doctor' shall be deleted from their records and web sites and replaced by RMP with immediate effect. 
Dr.Rapolu Satyanarayana, Coordinator, Working Group on Professional Dignity of Pharmacists


Dear Madam,
                         I think life of patients; their treatment is what you should focus on instead of pointing out that the value of world “Dr.” will be diluted. Whether a Pharmacist or a Doctor, both work patient’s well being. So do not point out pharma profession. Most of important Drug molecules & formulas are discovered by chemists or pharma people, after diagnosing how you are going to treat a disease, if drugs are not made or discovered. You people are only a Diagnostic agent.
I think you are totally confused about your professional abilities. You need to focus on your work.

Satyanarayana Rapolu
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dear ashish

dear ashish! 
as said by you, patient is the primary concern of all healthcare professionals including physicians and pharmacists. the word doctor is only a kind of respectful addressing for both physicians and pharmacists. forgetting the fact, physicians/ medical practitioners are in a delusion that they are the only doctors. 
dr.rapolu satyanarayana, pharmacist

Satyanarayana Rapolu
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there is no medical practice without medicine

Physicians do medical practice with the help of medicines. Medicines are invented and produced by Pharmacists. Physicians and Pharmacists are two sides of a coin. Physicians shall realize the reality.

durgadevi mylapalli
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Satyanarayana Rapolu
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Combat Cross System Practice by AYUSH Practitioners

It is rampant that AYUSH practitioners indulge in prescribing Allopathic medicines both as individual practitioners and as duty medical officers in Allopathic hospitals. It is no doubt; a sheer quackery! Inducting AYUSH practitioners in Allopathic institutions is a grave mistake. First, you fight against this malpractice! 
Dr Rapolu Satyanarayana, Pharmacist

Satyanarayana Rapolu
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'Medical Practitioner' is the right expression for a person who is engaged in medical service. 'Indian Medical Council Act' mentions the same. Your Association also contains the phrase 'Medical Practitioner'. 'Doctor' is not a specific term to denote a profession, technically. 
Dr Rapolu Satyanarayana, Pharmacist


It is well known that professional designations are abused in India by professionals themselves. There is an inter-professional rivalry as well.
A medical doctor is only a Physician. So also a Pharmacist is always a dispensing chemist. Compounder designation does not exist no longer because a compounder is not compunding medicine. Now medicines are packed and dispensed to the people in a dispensary or a medical shop by pharmacist. A pharmacist cannot practice as physician; so also a physician cannot practice as a pharmacist.
In  UK and US a Pharmacist is well paid than a Physician. In UK Pharmacists are authorised to prescribe medicine and also to monitor the Physician's prescription. This information I read in the Pharmaceutical Journal, published by Royal Pharmaceutical Society.
The Doctor title can be used only by PhD holders. In India Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani, Homeopathy degree holders are using DOCTOR title. Physiotherapist were using doctor title, but court has debarred them now.
Dr. T.K.RAJA, PhD CChem FRSC (UK), Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry.

Satyanarayana Rapolu
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Yes, Dr Raja! Professional titles are so much abused in India. At the same time, some professionals feel that they are kingpins. This makes others humiliated. One should learn to respect the other. This applies very much to a medical practitioner. 
Dr. Rapolu Satyanarayana, Pharmacist

Satyanarayana Rapolu
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Discrimination against Pharmacists

Though PharmD was introduced in 2008, yet there was no suitable position in hospitals created by government. It indicates a conspiracy behind. 
Dr. Rapolu Satyanarayana

Then why too much of medication errors in Inia

Hello Dr,
 Can u tell how many Doctors are now prescribing medications without Computers in front of them.....????? can u plzzzz.......
And even then u peoples are making too much of mediation errors., eg., two similar kinds of Antibiotis, salbutamol/salmeterol for cardiac patients etc,..
How many cases u need to know.... The introduction of Pharm.D has been carefully monitoring ur careless mistakes and 75% of the problems is been rectified... All the mistakes were lifted up by us and so u peoples are nervous and "That is the reality":...

Nithish (not verified)

Don't underestimate any one coz pharmd doctors gonna rule over medicines..

Megha Krishnakumar (not verified)

As a part of the health care team we should be of standing together and play vital role in improving health care services. Dr. Sushma anil , if you are afraid to accept a clinical pharmacist it shows ur insecurity and fear and greed. Its clearly mentioned in your article what is the role of a PHARMD graduate in hospitals. Try improving urself rather than putting another growing profession down. Be open to changes only then India gets developed to a super power in health care system. Iam thankfull to PCI for bringing up such a wonderfull course. Long live PHARMD at India, hope so it gets recognised in the same way as other PHARMA courses. Strike back every Pharmacists , we are not compounders!!!! United we stand , divided we fall

Dr A K Seth (not verified)

Do not call Pharmacist a Compounder. It shows Doctors ego. Pharmacist is a bridge between the doctor and the patient. I think Dr Sushma needs to go through the syllabus of PharmD. She must understand that in USA pharmacists are above the Doctors. Pharmacists are always updated with new molecules and their related physical, chemical and biological properties. If doctors are asked to give the bioavailability of X drug, probably he/she may not.
Dr Sushma should not be afraid of pharmacists. Pharmacists do not spoil the doctors profession. Both are important. Both have their own significance.
If doctors call pharmacist as a compounder, it reflects purely their Egoooooo....

Sam david (not verified)
Pharm D

We take 6 years to study all the therapy related issues clearly pharm d are better at patient health management...the issue isn't about whether to want to consider us compounder ...I insist that you accept the fact that what you can do is nothing that we cannot do

Satyanarayana Rapolu
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PharmD Graduates! Be Realistic and Optimistic!

Healthcare sector is being dominated by Medical Practitioner in India. All the best!

durgadevi mylapalli
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you should know the value of pharmacy mam . It has a great value than doctor's diagnosis. No medication Without  pharmacy people.. Just remember it mam. Thank you . 


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