Regarding career as Patent Agent

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Regarding career as Patent Agent

Pharma Admission

Pharma courses

pharma admission

pharma courses

What the career scope for pharmacy graduate in the field of IPR. Please suggest their course and college in up regular & online both mode. Also tell about how to become registered patent agent and procedure for Indian Patent Exam.


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patent agents and scope

Patent Agents, also called Patent Attorneys are specialist legal advisors, similar to Lawyers, who advise their clients how to protect their intellectual property. Patent Attorneys work either in private firm of Patent Attorneys or in Patent Departments of large industrial Organizations. Patent Attorney’s day-to-day work generally involves drafting of patent specifications, making application for a patent, subsequent correspondence with the patent office on the objections raised; representing the applicant’s case at the hearings, filing opposition proceedings or defending an application against an opposition, all being of a highly technical nature is ordinarily entrusted to a qualified patent attorney. For the purpose of maintaining a high standard of efficiency and professional integrity the Patent Act has prescribed certain qualifications for persons practicing as Patent Attorneys and provided for their registration.

The only person who satisfies that qualification and registered under the Patent Act are allowed to practice as Patent Attorneys in India.

1. Patent Agent's can file International Patent Applications (PCT) on behalf of Indian Applicants.
2. Foreign Applicants can file Patent in India through an Indian Patent Agent only.
3. Patent Specification Drafting is outsourced to Indian Patent Agents from US, Canada, Australia and Europe
4. Patent agent can work as a Freelancer in  Patent specification drafting for Indian & Foreign IP Law Firms
5. Very Attractive Remuneration/Salary package for Regd. Patent Agents in Biotechnology, Pharmacy, Engineering, Other R & D Firms.
6. Patent Agents can start their own IP Law Firms and Consultancy Services.
7. Chance to work English Speaking Foreign Law Firms as In-House Drafting Attorney

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Regarding Patent agent exam

I am pharmacy graduate, want to kno IPR course & college in up and process for as a registered patent agent in India.

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You need not to appear for

You need not to appear for any college to pursue education about patent agents examination.

But there are few private institutions which are providing short term or distant courses for same

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