What are the consultancies to file H1B visa for M.Pharmacy

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What are the consultancies to file H1B visa for M.Pharmacy

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I have completed m.pharmacy in 2014 and i recently moved to usa on H4 visa. I am looking for consltancies who can file H1B for coming year.


dhruv patel
convert from H4 to H1B

One can not convert from H4 to H1B. You basically need an employer to file an H1B for you. If you're lucky to got chosen, the H1B will be processed - and you'll either receive an approval or rejection.

Its suppose to go through employer. My friends wife was trying to do with consultants but didn't work, so she is doing MBA as a student and then once done then she can do OPT and then change to h1. I shall ask another friend who got hired with consultants. But its tricky and they charge 20-25% of your salary. Its better to work at regular desi stores for cash. Lol

It is best that H4 holder should study something related to pharmacy and lifesciences in the US (by converting to an F1 student visa), gets an Optional Practical Training (OPT), starts working on OPT and tries to convince the OPT employer to file an H1B in the meantime. However, this means you'd have to spend on university education in the US- which is expensive. Also, there is no guarantee that your OPT employer will necessarily file an H1B for you. So there's still some uncertainty in this approach. But it is still an approach with some possibility of working out - compared to finding direct employers while you are on H4.

If the spouse of an H4 holder has an H1B and his I-140 is already approved (or if certain other conditions are met), the H4 holder may apply for an H4 EAD and start working once he/she receives their EAD card.

Thankyou sir for the

Thankyou sir for the information.

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As per latest updates, coming

As per latest updates, coming from US Administration that they may going to terminate work permissions for h4 visa holders within 3 months.

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