B.Pharm fresher needs career guidance, KPO or DRA or Marketing

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B.Pharm fresher needs career guidance, KPO or DRA or Marketing

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pharma courses

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Hello guys, I need some serious help regarding my career,

1.Which is the best field for a fresher to get started in the pharma sector? Most of the companies want experience, from where to get experience, I am still fresher...

2. Which one is the best and accepts freshers kpo or dra or marketing, I have been in online marketing since past 2 years & had good success. I heard that kpo & marketing have good money , can anyone tell me where I can view job vacancies for pharma kpo.

3. I am a quiet person who do not talk much so do you think it will be difficult for me to get established in marketing? I'm ready to change myself if I get good money :D



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tell u what it's very

tell u what it's very difficult but talks to your friends ,relatives about some references it will work for you to get job in company.other choice is go for own pharmacy.u know we have own messed up with our career.only we have to make efforts.best of luck

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hi..i think kpo is better few of my friends are working in kpo and earn good money than pharma sector and work culture also better than the pharma.They also have sat,sun off after 1-1.5 year exp pay packeg would be 4-6 lakh P.A, some are working in WNS, GENPACT, GRAIL RESEARCH,

Thanks all for helping, pls

Thanks all for helping, pls provide more info about kpo...Thanks

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think about new era for

think about new era for pharmacist that is pharmacy practice well accepted in developed world but in india still we are waiting for opportunity which will give proud to be a pharmacist. we have to unite and fight with government to amend in old pharmacy act 1947. all country has revise its pharmacy act but still india is running old pharmacy act 1947. so wake up friends

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Hi arun Plz tell me How do i

Hi arun Plz tell me How do i get job in online marketing!!

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hello can u please explain what is online marketing ........and how much we can earn trough this ............plz

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