“BabyShield” - The world’s most comprehensive and non-invasive screening program launched in India by LifeCell International

  • Posted on: 24 October 2012
  • By: admin

LifeCell International, India’s largest and most accredited stem cell storage company launches "BabyShield", the world’s most advanced and non-invasive newborn screening program.

BabyShield service can identify over 118 health conditions at birth making it the most advanced newborn screening service in the world. Importantly this test is done entirely in a non-invasive manner thereby making it safe for the baby and simple to implement in a healthcare setting. The screening program is performed on a few drops of blood collected from the baby’s umbilical cord at birth and also urine sample retrieved after 48 hours of the baby’s birth. The test results are available within a few days of samples arriving at the lab and this aids early diagnosis and timely treatment thereby improving a child’s chances of living a healthy and normal life.

Mayur Abhaya, the president and executive director of LifeCell International, a stem cell storage company, launched the service along with Dr. James Shoemaker, associate professor at Saint Louis University School of Medicine, USA and Dr. Kishore Pratap Sanghvi, President, National Neonatology Forum (NNF), Mumbai.

“BabyShield is a revolutionary development in field of newborn screening allowing for a completely pain-free and comprehensive way of safeguarding infants against any diseases in the future. At a nominal one time investment of Rs. 4,990, parents can relax peacefully knowing that their child will grow to be healthy and normal. We are extremely pleased to launch this facility across 100 cities in India.” Said Abhaya

“Giving birth to a baby is one of the most exciting and rewarding moment for parents. However, at times the child may be prone to lifethreatening diseases which if undiagnosed at an early stage can lead to a lifetime of regret. Newborn screening is recommended by medical councils across the world and is mandatory for all babies born in several countries including the UK, USA, Germany, Japan and Australia. I strongly recommend all parents to invest in a screening at birth, as prevention is always better than cure. BabyShield is a simple, safe and a non-invasive secure service that causes absolutely no harm to the baby.” Dr. Shoemaker said.

According to statistics, 26,00,000 children are born every year in India, but it ranks 153 among 200 countries in terms of infant mortality rate.

Dr. Kishore Pratap commented that “Newborn screening is important as it helps to identify genetic disorders that can be treated early thereby preventing future complications. In normal circumstances, infants suffering from these disorders may not show any symptoms until the disease progresses and the symptoms finally surface. Often in such cases it may be too late to prevent severe consequence such as mental retardation, physical abnormalities, developmental delay, poor growth and behavior problems etc. It is therefore extremely important to create awareness about the criticality of newborn screening as it enables early intervention and treatment and facilitates the overall growth and development of the child”.

This service will surely open new doors for medical field in India and surely provide new way for treatment of new born babies.

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