You are hereManipal Hospital introduces Single Incision Laparoscopic on kidney donor

Manipal Hospital introduces Single Incision Laparoscopic on kidney donor

Manipal Hospital introduces the Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery (SILS) which is the the latest technique in Laparoscopic and Urological surgery technology. The advantages of SILS are more economical as it less painful with no scarring allowing speedy recovery with fewer days of hospitalization.

The special devices used in this procedure are expensive and cost between Rs 25,000 to Rs 45,000. To circumvent this problem, the Departments of Gastroenterology surgery and Urology have developed cost effective innovations to allow more patients to benefit from this technique.

According to Dr S C Nagendra Swamy, COO, Manipal Hospital, Laparoscopic surgery has largely replaced open surgery for a variety of urological procedures and the evolution of SILS has also allowed urologists to further improve on outcomes of conventional laparoscopy.

SILS procedure is a keyhole surgery wherein insertion of all instruments is done through a single cut on the umbilicus which is a natural scar. The entire surgery is performed through the umbilicus and organ extraction, if required is done through the same area. This is a further refinement over conventional laparoscopy technique which requires three to four small, cuts of 1-1.5 cm to be made on the abdomen as compared to a single incision that is made through the umbilicus in SILS.

Today a critical renal surgery is done with minimum trauma to the patient. This is more important for those donating a kidney since pain and post operative complications are marginalized, said Dr H Sudarshan Ballal, medical director, Manipal Hospital.

“The technique is especially useful for kidney donors who are healthy individuals and are donating their organ. They need to undergo the procedure safely, with negligible pain and best cosmetic results. This procedure is being performed only in one other hospital in the country. Besides extraction of the kidney for organ donation, SILS technique can also be used for the removal of some kidney tumours, poorly functioning and damaged kidneys, stones in the urethra and kidneys, removal of the adrenal glands and some congenital urological disorders. It requires special expertise and advanced training as the entire operation is done through a limited space,” said Dr Deepak Dubey, consultant, Specialist in Laparoscopic Surgery and Renal Transplants, Manipal Hospital

Besides urology, SILS procedures are also being performed by Dr G Srikanth, consultant in Gastroenterology surgery at the Manipal Hospital. These include complex surgery of the intestine, pancreas, spleen and colon as well as routine operations like removal of gall bladder and appending.

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