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comparision betweeen UDCT mumbai and NIPER ahmedabad

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palak motan
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hi i have secured addmission at NIPER ahmedabad for M.S. Pharmaceutics, and also i have my name in the merit list of UDCT mumbai, pls suggest me , that if i get M.Pharm drug delivery tech. at UDCT ,which should i go for UDCT or NIPER AHMEDABAD, also tell me the syllabus of the M.S. pharmaceutics at NIPER AHMEDABAD? pls reply me fast.....

No 1 Pharmaceutics of India is at NIPER-Ahmedabad

NIPER-Ahmedabad is better than UDCT in every aspects like placements, teaching, facilities etc.

Pharmaceutics at NIPER-Ahmedabad has 100% placement. Even Pharmaceutics at NIPER-Mohali has no 100% placement.

No 1 Pharmaceutics of India is at NIPER-Ahmedabad.


Go for UDCT It will provides you lots of opportunities for higher education. NIPER AMD it s just now open before 2 years . facilities are better in UDCT .

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The institute which gives us

The institute which gives us a better placement is greater for us.

NIPER ahmedabad is providing better placements as compare to UDCT. So i think MS in pharmaceutics is best from NIPER

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 As per my opinion UDCT is

 As per my opinion UDCT is always better than NIPER Ahmedabad in every aspet .

UDCT provides tremendous opportunity for further education (Ph.D and PDF) as well as job too.

I always prefer ICT (UDCT) than NIPER Ahmedabad . 

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NIPER is the best institute.

NIPER is the best institute. This is not only because it is government running but the quality of education which they provide.

UDCT is also one of the good institute of India which is offered with govt and private projects and also with quality studies.

But We will rank NIPER ahead of any other institute. And MS in pharmaceutics is good one too.

whixh is best noww???

hiii, palak how are you?
i think u now gets the idea that..whts the best...

just be excellent in whtever college or score...doesnt matter muchh..i know u are intelligent enough t0 get that placement..\