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16DBT006 :"Interplay Of Spatio-Temporal Synaptic Drive And Spike Propagation In Shaping Electrical Activity Of Urinary Bladder Smooth Muscle: A Computational Investigation" (DEPTT OF BIOTECHNOLOGY)
About the project: As populations age, urinary bladder overactivity is emerging as an increasingly common debilitating condition confronting the elderly. Voiding of the bladder depends on coordinated contraction of the smooth muscle (detrusor smooth muscle, DSM) present in its wall, which in turn depends closely on the electrical activity in the muscle cells. A clear understanding of bladder physiology and pathophysiology rests therefore on a correspondingly clear understanding of the properties of electrical signals generated in DSM. However, these signals are poorly comprehended since the smooth muscle cells are electrically interconnected by low resistance pathways (gap junctions), forming a 3- dimensional syncytium, which renders problematic the interpretation and analysis of signals occurring in them. As an example, while spikes (action potentials) in electrically isolated cells such as skeletal muscle cells generally display a stereotypical waveform, in DSM a variety of spike shapes can be recorded even in a single smooth muscle cell.

As in other organs, analysis of spikes can offer many insights into the electrical functioning of the organ. In detrusor smooth muscle, such analysis is hampered by incomplete knowledge of how the spikes are generated, how they propagate, and how they interact with synaptic potentials in the syncytium. Using computational approaches closely allied to experimental data, our aim in this project is twofold. The first is to simulate the spike recorded in detrusor smooth muscle cells, using the Hodgkin-Huxley and Goldman equation formalisms, together with the associated Ca dynamics, to model the underlying ion channels. The second is to simulate, using compartmental modelling techniques, spatio-temporally distributed neurotransmission in a model syncytium that represents faithfully the DSM and its innervation. Subsequently, these components are to be brought together in a comprehensive model which we believe will aid us in better understanding the native electrical characteristics of the detrusor. They will also be of heuristic value in predicting how alterations in these characteristics may give rise to pathophysiological conditions that are marked by disordered electrical activity.


Ph.D/MD/MS/MDS or equivalent degree or having 3 years of research, teaching and design and developement experience after MVSc/M.Pharm/ME/M.Tech with at least one research paper in Science Citation Indexed (SCI) journal

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