You are hereGuar gum: A Potential Natural Hydrophilic Polymer

Guar gum: A Potential Natural Hydrophilic Polymer

Table 1. Uses of guar gum


Concentration (%)

Emulsion stabilizer


Tablet binder

Up to 10

Thickener for lotions and cream

Up to 2.5

Table 2. Pharmacopeial specifications for gaur gum



Appearance (powder)

White to yellowish-white

Viscosity (1% w/v dispersion)

4860 cps


1.492 g/cm3

Molecular weight

≈ 220 000

pH (1 % w/v solution)


Loss on drying

≤ 15.0 %

Acid-insoluble matter

≤ 7.0 %


≤ 3 ppm


≤ 0.001 %

Heavy metals

≤ 0.002 %


≤ 10.0 %

Table 3. Compositions of guar gum (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba seeds)


Concentration (%)

Soluble fiber


Insoluble fiber


Crude protein


Total lipid






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